Mountain Climbing on Nephin Mór

For the ultimate way to truly absorb the vista of North Mayo. Nephin Mór is a spectacular quartzite mountain standing alone overlooking Lough Conn, one of Connaught’s most majestic mountains, it has been climbed and admired for many years. Nephin is a 806m climb which takes on average four hours —the views you encounter are worth the effort!

Getting there: Travel south from Crossmolina to Lahardane on the R315, at the 50km sign take a right. Continue on the road for 4km, and there are parking spaces to the right. Cross the road and continue towards the forest for an enjoyable, challenging climb. There are other mountains in the Nephin range, namely Nephin Beg with another 3 peaks which can also be climbed, en-ergy permitting!